Who Should Take This Course

This course is designed for experienced project managers who are certified as Project Management Professionals (PMP)®.

  • Experienced Project Managers using predictive (waterfall) methods at work and want to adopt agile strategies to improve the performance of their work.

  • Consultants who manage projects for clients and want to start using agile techniques and strategies to increase the value of their services to existing or future clients.

  • Project team members who feel the need for more agility in their projects and want to propose and implement agile strategies to improve their projects.

At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Apply the agile mindset to your projects, enabling faster results through more streamlined processes.

  • Assess if projects should adopt a predictive (waterfall), agile or a hybrid approach.

  • Understand different roles in an agile environment (Scrum Master, Product Owner, etc.), their importance for the projects and how to interact with them

  • Initiate an agile transformation in your organization or in the organization of your clients.

  • Make educated decisions about the next steps that you want to take to steer your (agile) project management career.

  • Understand the Scrum method, Kanban and Lean practices and apply the corresponding strategies to your projects.

What You Will Receive

  • Focused Lessons

    Focused bite-sized lessons giving you the exact amount of information that you need to learn and apply the knowledge acquired at work.

  • Self-Paced Course

    The modules and lessons respect your agenda. This e-learning platform allows you to learn at your pace, stop, resume and review lessons as you need.

  • Support

    Support by e-mail that you can use as needed to ensure full understanding of the concepts and how to apply them at work.

  • Certificate of Completion

    This course provides you with a certificate of completion at the end that you can keep for your records.

  • Professional Development Units (PDUs)

    This course provides 3 Professional Development Units that you can claim with the Project Management Institute (PMI) once the course is completed.

Start Learning Now

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Improve your projects through agile best practices

Agile Mindset Transformation for PMPs

Course Curriculum

  • Module 1 – You are a PMP; now you need to be agile

  • Module 2 – Agile Project Management

  • Module 3 – The Agile Manifesto

  • Module 4 – The Agile Methods and Toolboxes

  • Module 5 – The Path To Implement Agile Practices

  • Bonus Module 1 – The Scrum Method

  • Bonus Module 2 – Lean Practices

  • Bonus Module 3 – Kanban

  • Taking This Course to the Next Level

  • Useful Resources

Your Instructor

Alcides Santopietro, PMP, MGP, PMI-ACP, DASSM, CSM

Alcides has 20 years of experience in Project Management in various industries including Marketing, IT, engineering and aviation, and has spent 10+ years designing and delivering project management training and exam preparatory courses in multiple formats, in different countries and languages.

The portfolio of training programs designed and delivered by Alcides include PMP®, PMI-ACP®, DASM®, DASSM® prep courses, fundamentals of project management, project cost management, project risk management, earned value management, project planning, project portfolio management and project management business games.

Alcides is currently a lecturer at two universities: Université du Québec à Trois Rivières (UQTR) and Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (UQAC) and also works as consultant and instructor for Jump Professional Training.

If You're Looking for More:

Consider the VIP Package: in addition to the self-paced "Agile Mindset Transformation for PMPs" course, you'll have access to live sessions with experienced professionals that will take your learning experience to a different level.

The live sessions (held through video conference) are real coaching and networking sessions. A unique opportunity to have your real-life project-related issues discussed and resolved.

The VIP live sessions happen every week on different days and times to accommodate different time zones. A full schedule will be provided to you as soon as you enrol.

The VIP package gives you access to 3 months of live sessions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am not a PMP. Is this course still useful for me?

    Yes. Although this course was originally designed for PMPs, anyone with an understanding of Predictive (Waterfall) Project Management can benefit by learning these approaches.

  • I don't have project management experience. Is this course for me?

    You can use this course as an introduction to agile practices but keep in mind that basic project management topics won't be covered or explained in the course since it's designed for experienced professionals.

  • How much time do I have to complete the course?

    There is no time limit. You take the lessons at your own pace and you can always review lessons as needed.

  • What do I gain by joining the VIP plan?

    The VIP plan gives you access to a community of professionals that meet regularly to discuss project-related matters aligned with the topic of the course. It is an extraordinary opportunity to exchange, learn from others and network.

  • I don't work with software development projects. Is this course for me?

    Absolutely. Agile and hybrid project management strategies and methods are applied in all industries. This course is an excellent opportunity to learn how you can do that.